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 Dear Sirs!

I am delighted to welcome you on the website of ZAO “ExpoConsta” - the largest exhibition constructor in Russia. The main field of activities of ZAO  “ExpoConsta” is the design and construction of international, national and foreign exhibitions held on the  EXPOCENTR fairgrounds.

The history of our company is closely related to EXPOCENTR fairgrounds. More than 40 years ago Expocentr established a specialized construction company to support soviet and foreign exhibitions held in the USSR. In 1989 Expocentr together with the Finish company AO“Arvelin” have established the first in the Soviet Union joint company in the exhibition industry. It was named SP “ExpoConsta”. Later, in 1994, ExpoConsta has become a closed joint-stock company.

That is why our main customer is EXPOCENTR fairgrounds. More than 80% of our volume is built on the territory of the EXPOCENTR fairgrounds.

Each year the company constructs and decorates more than 170.000 sq. m. of exhibition space for Russian and foreign exhibitors in Moscow , in the CIS countries and abroad. Besides, our company is able to construct more than 15.000 sq. m. of shell-scheme stands at once. We also work with individual projects for exclusive constrcution of any complexity  - from design development to implementation.

Expoconsta office building is situated on the territory of the EXPOCENTR fairgrounds, near Pavilion 2. All our industrial facilities, such as  joining and metal-processing plants with the latest high-quality equipment as well as all the warehouses, are situated on the territory.  The presence of our own industrial support base and freight transport on the territory allows us to operate at a high speed during the build-up and demounting periods.

ZAO “ExpoConsta” is involved in:

  • Exhibition stand construction
  • Design and construction of exclusive and non-standard expositions in accordance with the individual requests
  • Technical constrol of the quality of the construction and electrical works on the territory of the ZAO Expocentr fairground
  • Organisation of specialized exhibitions

    ZAO “ExpoConsta” is:

  • A partner of the Global Association of the Exhibition Industry (UFI).
  • A member of the Russian Union of Exhibitions and Fairs (RUEF).
  • A member of the Guild of exhibition organizations of Moscow Chamber of Commerce


    We will always be pleased to see you among our clients!


     Mr N M Eldarov
     General Director ZAO "EXPOCONSTA



  • The Global Association of the Exhibition Industry
    International Federation of Exhibition & Event Services

     "Gold Mercury". The national premium of Commercial and industrial chamber of the Russian Federation in the field of enterprise activity



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